PonyCycle Horse – Unicorn

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Feature and benefits for PonyCycle Horse

Start a PonyCycle race with your friends/families!
Decorate your pony with Christmas elements!
Show and share your PonyCycle toy with your friends!

Recommended ages: 3-5 years
Max load Capacity: 55 lbs.
Seat height: 19″. Dimensions: 24″ x 11″ x 29″
Convenient for riding indoor ONLY
Easy to install & maintenance.
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None like other pushing toys, rocking horse or scooter, our pony will definitely give you a real riding experience! Sitting on the saddle, lying legs against the horse and pressing the stirrups then pony starts moving forward with slightly jolt and you can feel that click. Control the pony with your skills as if you and the pony are one body! Come on, start you urban Western life!

PonyCycle product focuses on encouraging kids’ imagination and creativity. With PonyCycle toy, children could pretend to be a medieval knight, a western cowboy, an explorer who has just discovered a new continent near your neighborhood or even a wizard riding on a unicorn! We also inspire children to meet more PonyCycle friends and share them with extraordinary adventure stories.


We are the Original inventor of the PonyCycle ride on toy—–world first simulated walking animal. Through 13 years of development, manufacturing improvement, riding test and safety test, we has dedicated to create the best walking animal and spread exhilaration to every family.

Our adorable pony is comfortable to ride, soft to touch and handy to maneuver. Its function well on all kinds of movement: cantering, accelerating, swerving and stopping in a safe and efficient condition. Encounter a pony now! PonyCycle horse will fulfill your kids’ fantasy and also become their best childhood memory.

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