Kooshy Kids Travel Bed

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Kooshy Kids Kooshion Kursi Tiup Pesawat

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion can be used to create a flat, flexible space between plane seats for you and your children to sit back and relax on…your little ones can even lay flat for some shut eye on previously dreaded long haul flights!

Made from the best quality PVC, the Kooshy Kids Kooshion is durable and lightweight and comes with a convenient, waterproof drawstring backpack with three colours to choose from.

The Kooshion can also be used on public transport and in the family car.

The Kooshion weighs only 770 grams.

We strongly recommend using a pump to inflate to ensure the Kooshion can be inflated in place and reach its desired height and width.

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6 – 12 Bulan, 12 – 18 Bulan, 18 – 24 Bulan, 24 – 36 Bulan, 36 – 48 Bulan

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