ELC Racer Ride-On Car

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Ready, Steady, Go!

Its time for lots of racing adventures! Put your foot to the floor and enjoy racing arund the garden in yout new ride on car! Decorated with funky stickers, it also has horn sound effects so you can go “beep beep” as your zoom around with yur friends. Can you beat them to the padding pool or round the furthest tree? Why not take your favorite toy along for an exciting ride! Playing in this way helps to keep little tots active as they imagine a racetrack and learn more about the world around them.

Foot to floor racing car with funky stickers
Turn the wheel and push the horn for sound effects
Keeps children active to boost physical development
perfect for an racing adventure this summer

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12 – 18 Bulan, 18 – 24 Bulan, 24 – 36 Bulan, 36 – 48 Bulan

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