ELC My First Workbench

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https://youtu.be/jrxSYnqw0PkIt’s time to get making with all the tools on your workbench!

Features and benefits for elc my first workbench
suitable from 12 months
activity-filled workbench with lights and sounds
hammer a nail to see the other one pop up
great for pretend play and boosting imagination

Want to know more?

Packed with fun activities for busy builders, this workbench is perfect for any tot who wants to get making. Let it inspire your imagination with lights and sounds as they bop the nails with the hammer and twist the screws. Can you pretend to build a house for all your toys or make a present for mummy and daddy? Whether they love pulling the lever to see the saw spin or turning the handle to hear clicking sounds, there’s plenty to keep them entertained and keep their little hands busy.

Don’t forget…

…if they enjoy the fun noises, we also stock a wide range of musical instruments

What’s in the box
1 x workbench, 1 x hammer, 1 x screwdriver

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12 – 18 Bulan, 18 – 24 Bulan, 24 – 36 Bulan

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