ELC Music Maker

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Features and benefits for elc music maker
suitable for children from 9 months
4 colourful percussion instrument shakers
play individually or join them up and play together
helps develop hand-to-eye coordination
teaches cause and effect

Product Information

We know how little ones love to make some noise! Get them shaking and rattling as they discover different sounds with this fantastic music maker. With four different triangular rattles which can be used independently or connected together to create one big shaker, your little one can enjoy experimenting with jingling bells, clacking cymbals, chiming bells and rattling beads. Each colourful rattle has been designed with a chunky, easy to grip handle making it the perfect size for little hands to hold.

We can make music with our friends or family. Share out the rattles and the shakers and make some noise! Shake them up high and jingle them down low. Playing together teaches children about sharing and taking turns.

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6 – 12 Bulan, 12 – 18 Bulan, 18 – 24 Bulan

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