Dream Whisper Baby Shusher

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Do you know that womb is a noisy place?
Your beating heart, your rythmic breathing and the sound of the blood rushing through your body makes it a loud and comforting place for them. Coming into this world is a dramatic change for your baby and creating womb-like environment will help them adjust quickly. Dream Whisper help babies fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer by generating a constant noise that recreates sounds heard in the utero.

Other benefits :
Minimizes noise that may interrupt sleep (Toddler in the house, loud neighbour, etc)
As a bedtime routines to signal baby that it is time to sleep.

Dream Whisper Features
15 Nature Sounds, 7 White noises & 7 Fan Sounds
Featuring real human shushing voice for newborn
Continuous setting for uninterrupted night sleep
30/60/90 minutes timer setting for naps
Excellent sound quality
Built-in rechargeable battery
8 Colour dimmable night light
Portable & Travel Friendly

Whats InsideThe Box?
Calming Sound Machine
USB Cable
User Manual

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