Medela Mini Electric

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At a glance
Compact: small motor unit, can be operated with one hand
Just five parts to deal with: easy to put together, take apart and clean

Compact, tubeless handheld electric breast pump
If you are using a manual breast pump then the Mini Electric is a good step up if you need a pump for occasional use but find that using a manual breast pump is time-consuming and tiring. The Mini Electric is one of the smallest, portable, but also basic electric pumps in the Medela range for occasional use.

The motor in the Medela Mini Electric is located on top of the breast shield, which makes the pump very compact and easy to operate with one hand. The suction speed can be controlled with a dial at the side of the motor.

Only five parts
The Mini Electric breast pump is made up of only five parts, so cleaning and assembly only takes a couple of minutes.

Another benefit of the motor unit located on top of the breast shield is that there are no tubes: expressed milk flows directly into the bottle.

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